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What is your hourly rate?

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Gaunu laiškų nuo įvairių mailinglistų… viename pasirodė įdomus… kiek “freelaceriai” maždaug uždirba. Šis atvejis iš MYSQL mailing listo.

I know this is a little off-topic, but I have been approached to do some consulting to move an ISAM based app to MySQL. The potential customer is asking an hourly rate but as I have not done MySQL work as a consultant I am not sure what to charge.


MySQL AB charges U.S. $1650 per day:

cost of MySQL Migration Assistance starts at 3.300 euros + taxes (Europe) or
3.300 dollars + taxes (US), with the following terms

minimum duration
two days
daily rate based at 7,5 working hours a day
travel time billed
at 50 % of the hourly rate
travel and accomodation cost billed separately
at cost

scheduling is subject to timing of your needs and the schedules
of our consultants

For a freelancer, the rate should be lower.
I know that in Finland local IT
consultants charge typically U.S. $120 /
hour. In Canada probably more.

Taigi pagalvojus kad mums būtų vertinama alga nors 50$ už darbo valandėlę :) LAUKIAM algų didėjimo meto… gal lietus padės? kaip grybams….

One response to “What is your hourly rate?”

  1. teibaz says:

    Eina sau… "MySQL AB charges U.S. $1650 per day" netikeciausia ko galejau tiketis… ;)

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