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PHP Enters the enterprise age

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Nauji metai naujos idėjos. Kažką mylimas Zend siūlys naujo:

Zend Technologies will announce a new product that delivers the reliability, scalability and interoperability needed for enterprise-grade PHP applications.

For the first time, Web application developers and managers will have unparalleled error detection and recovery capabilities, top-notch performance and configuration control, as well as seamless integration to corporate back-ends. The new product consists of comprehensive features that streamline development and deployment, increase application responsiveness and provide detailed forensic data on problems that occur throughout the PHP application lifecycle. Driven by the needs of developers and IT personnel delivering business-critical PHP applications in the enterprise, revolutionize your PHP lifecycle with:

  • PHP Intelligence
  • PHP Performance Management
  • PHP Configuration Control
  • PHP/Java Interoperability

Taigi laukiam …

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