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Įdomūs nuotykiai suporte :)

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Turbūt girdėjot kai į “supportą” skambija žmonės ir klausinėje įvairių kvailų klausimų. Beskaitydamas weblog vieną radau įdomų pavizdį, tiksliau kelis.

Customer: “I called you guys like three weeks ago to buy the Internet, but I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet”
Me: “Did you get the CD we mailed you?”
Customer: “Sure did.  I got it right here”
Me: “Have you tried putting the CD into your computer like it shows in the picture on the CD?”
Customer: “I don’t have a computer”
Me: “You don’t have a computer?”
Customer: “You mean I need to have a computer?”


Me: “*ISP NAME* Technical Support, can I help you?”
Customer: “I need some help”
Me: “How can I help you, sir?”
Customer: “I can’t find naked women on the Internet.”
Me: after a short pause, “Have you tried typing what you are looking for into the search box on your home page?”
Customer: “Yes, but they all want credit cards”
You see, he really wanted FREE porn!
Me: after a longer pause, “Have you tried typing the word FREE into the box?”
Customer: “Let me try that.”
He hung up and I laughed till I cried!  Imagine calling Tech Support b/c you can’t find FREE PORN!

3 responses to “Įdomūs nuotykiai suporte :)”

  1. liuksas says:

    cia kokia salis?;]]]]

    negi gali buti tokie kvaili zmones;]]]]]]]

  2. pelkius says:

    nu matai liuksai kad buna, buna ir dar tupesniu. Pvz tu ne tox jau ir protingas:PPP

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