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Zend studio 5.5 beta

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Kažkaip pražiosojau, spalio 25 dieną pasirodė Zend studio 5.5 beta versija. Šiuo metu oficiali versija yra 5.2. Kolkas dar oficialiai niekur nemačiau (bet tuoj bus). O atkapsčiau per “slaptą” adresiuką:

Dabar pumpupju, changelog parašysiu vėliau.

Niam niam ir vėl mano gimtadienio dieną :)

2 responses to “Zend studio 5.5 beta”

  1. ========================================================

    Changes in Zend Studio from version 5.2.0 to 5.5.0 Beta:


    PHP 5.2:


    – New PHP 5.2 Support



    – Support for antialiasing (via Preference settings).



    – Supports opening URLs from the Editor using right click.

    Web Services Support (SOAP):


    – Support for URLs in SoapClient Constructors

    – Bug fixed: Unsynchronized file name and configuration name.



    – Embedded Java code completion of packages and classes in PHP code

    – Configure the Workspace's default JRE / JDK

    – Configure project specific preferences

    – Nested Java code completion

    Zend Platform Integration:


    – View Zend Platform Events in a dedicated Events List window

    – Customize, sort and filter Event List entities

    – Limit number of visible rows and initiate auto refresh

    – View Events from user-selected servers

    – Direct access to Platform's Configuration dialog from the toolbar / menu

    – Configure Zend Platform's GUI URL and authentication information

    Zend Framework Integration:


    – Enable code completion for Zend Framework

    – View Zend Framework classes and functions in the PHP Inspector View

    – View source and debug into Zend Framework code

    Source Control:


    – Explorer: highlights file labels 1according to their status in source control

    (added, merged with conflicts, modified, not versioned and up to date)

    – Source Control file status highlighting is customizable (from the Preferences dialog)

    – Can easily switch between CVS and Subversion support

    – Support for Subversion 1.4


    General Bugs Fixed / Changes:


    – Bug fixed – If no Zend Guard path detected there is no default value

    – Bug fixed – Zend Guard detection doesn't recognize old versions

    – Bug fixed – PHP Functions list doesn't provide return types for all functions

    – Bug fixed – Uuencode functions in PHP Functions list are malformed

    – Bug fixed – Open File dialog has serious delay when a network drive is disconnected

    – Bug fixed – FTP files containing spaces in their name causes wrong file parsing

  2. tamole says:

    Hmmm tikejausi kažkaip didesnio changelog'o, bet vistiek gerai :) Siurbiu ir aš… Kolkas esu ir 5.2 ganėtinai patenkintas, su ankstesnte tai dideliu problemų turėdavau…

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